Ingeniøren – 2005/09/23

The medical world has become dependent on the Danish 3D’s products. The company explains that with the engineering technical ingenuity, courage and sense to cut out the organization

U.S. customers joke about that 3D stands for Danish Drug Dealers. Not because it has anything to do with drugs, but because customers become addicted. Behind the name hides namely two of Denmark’s largest medikosucceser: sister company, Danish Diagnostic Development, which develops gamma cameras diagnose various diseases like cancer, heart disease and kidney failure, and another sister Danish Dermatologic Development, which develops light-based devices for the treatment of skin diseases. The equipment is sold in nearly 50 countries – under the name Elipse – and can help people with everything from blood blasts and photodamage to unwanted hair growth.

The article is originally written in Danish

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