Ugebladet – 2013/05/14

Hørsholm was the centre of the world

No less than 29 nationalities gathered for meeting and new experiences in Hørsholm. By Marie Gribel Vorum Visit: Hørsholm was the center for business partners from 29 different countries, when Denmark’s leading company within Nuclear Medicine DDD-Diagnostics in Hørsholm hosted a 2-day meeting for their global distributors. “We had 52 participants from 29 countries from all over the world – a huge experience that easily could have drowned in radio cars and big city noise, if held in Copenhagen. Instead we chose to show our beautiful and very attractive local area and use the fantastic resources we have here, said Lars Trolle, CEO at DDD-Diagnostics A/S. There were participants from countries like Pakistan, South Korea and Australia.

Match Race in the Harbour

All participants were staying at Rungstedgaard, and other than the theoretical program, DDD-Diagnostics had rented all the match racers in the Royal Danish Yacht Club at Rungsted Harbour. After a good time and competition on the sea, the first day was completed with dinner at Restaurant Nokken. The dinner on the second day was held at Rungstedgaard Hotel. “I have been in this business more than 30 years, but have never before experienced anything like this. To meet so many of my global colleagues, especially the DDD-team, and together with them to be able to discuss the future for our industry is unique. At the same time, the surroundings are fantastic – it is so very beautiful here,“ says Rob Rogers from St. Louis Missouri in the US.

Tivoli can wait

The Meeting has been planned for almost 4 months, and it has been no small task for a SCION DTU company of 30 employees. However, all have contributed, and the fact that it was decided to host the meeting locally, has made the planning more foreseeable, as all the locals have been very accommodating and most helpful. “Never at any time was Management in doubt about hosting the meeting here, and we have definitely not regretted doing so. It has been really good being here and at the same time seeing all the happy participants who clearly enjoyed being here. So Tivoli and the Little Mermaid will have to wait until another time,” says Lars Trolle. DDD-Diagnostics A/S develop and sell Gamma Cameras (scanners) for nuclear medical use. The purpose of the meeting was to set the agenda for the present- as well as the future technology within this field.

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