Distribution Network

DDD-Diagnostic A/S is represented by a number of independent local companies with exclusive rights for marketing, selling and servicing the products developed and manufactured under DDD’s own brand. All DDD’s distributors are highly professional companies with both technical and clinical experience in the nuclear medicine field.

The aim is a global distribution network, and thus new distributors covering other geographical areas of the world will be added on an ongoing basis.
If you are interested in our products for countries not yet listed below please contact the head office in Denmark.

Key events in the history of DDD-Diagnostic A/S

1987: DDD was founded by Mr. Kai Lange, an esteemed Danish engineer, as a contract developer of gamma camera systems.
1999: DDD readjusts its strategy and becomes an OEM supplier of gamma camera systems with own product IP and manufacturing.
2004: DDD is acquired by Axcel, a Danish private equity fund.
2007: DDD is acquired by Orbotech Ltd. DDD continues as OEM manufacturer of gamma camera systems.
2008: DDD changes name to Orbotech Medical Denmark A/S.
2011: DDD once again becomes a Danish-owned company. DDD management and Industri Udvikling A/S, a Danish private equity fund, acquire the company from Orbotech Ltd.
DDD, now registered under the name of DDD-Diagnostic A/S, once again readjusts its strategy and starts to market gamma camera systems under its own brand in parallel with its OEM business.
2012: Kraks Fond, a second Danish private equity fund co-invests in DDD.
2013: Bozlu Holding acquires 50% ownership in DDD. DDD is now owned by Bozlu Holding and DDD management.
2014: Bozlu Holding acquires 100% ownership in DDD.
2013: Bozlu Holding acquires 50% ownership in DDD. DDD is now owned by Bozlu Holding and DDD management.
2018: Strongbow Investment Group acquired 80% of the shares in DDD-Diagnostic to become the controlling owner.
2023: X3D ApS was founded in August 2023. The basis of X3D was formed after the acquisition of all assets and IP rights of DDD-Diagnostic A/S, and a 1000m2 headquarter was established in Kvistgaard, a 30 min. drive north of Copenhagen, including warehouse, production and system test facilities, as well as offices for R&D, procurement and QA functions.