DDD-Diagnostic A/S is a well-known player within the nuclear medicine industry as world leading manufacturer of accurate and innovative gamma camera systems.

DDD has been involved in design and development of some of the most successful gamma camera systems used by hospitals, imaging centers and clinics throughout the world.

Focusing on Danish Design and Danish Quality, DDD has become market leader within nuclear cardiology as an OEM manufacturer working with the major international corporations supplying diagnostic imaging equipment worldwide.

In parallel with the OEM business, DDD is marketing a range of gamma camera systems though its global network of distributors. Like all other DDD gamma camera systems, these systems represent Danish Design and Quality and are characterized as “no nonsense” gamma camera systems.

Since DDD started more than 2,500 of DDD gamma cameras have been installed worldwide.

Our Mission

DDD-Diagnostic A/S develops, provides and markets Nuclear Medicine imaging solutions and aftersales services to our customers worldwide.

Our Vision

We are the recognized global center of excellence for diagnostic solutions based on nuclear medicine technology. Through innovation we help our customers improve the quality of life to their patients

Our Values

Responsible & Accountable
Trustworthy & Supportive
Ambitious & Innovative

Key events in the history of DDD-Diagnostic A/S

1987: DDD was founded by Mr. Kai Lange, an esteemed Danish engineer, as a contract developer of gamma camera systems.
1999: DDD readjusts its strategy and becomes an OEM supplier of gamma camera systems with own product IP and manufacturing.
2004: DDD is acquired by Axcel, a Danish private equity fund.
2007: DDD is acquired by Orbotech Ltd. DDD continues as OEM manufacturer of gamma camera systems.
2008: DDD changes name to Orbotech Medical Denmark A/S.
2011: DDD once again becomes a Danish-owned company. DDD management and Industri Udvikling A/S, a Danish private equity fund, acquire the company from Orbotech Ltd.
DDD, now registered under the name of DDD-Diagnostic A/S, once again readjusts its strategy and starts to market gamma camera systems under its own brand in parallel with its OEM business.
2012: Kraks Fond, a second Danish private equity fund co-invests in DDD.
2013: Bozlu Holding acquires 50% ownership in DDD. DDD is now owned by Bozlu Holding and DDD management.
2014: Bozlu Holding acquires 100% ownership in DDD.
2018: Strongbow Investment Group acquired 80% of the shares in DDD-Diagnostic to become the controlling owner.
2023: X3D ApS was founded in August 2023. The basis of X3D was formed after the acquisition of all assets and IP rights of DDD-Diagnostic A/S, and a 1000m2 headquarter was established in Kvistgaard, a 30 min. drive north of Copenhagen, including warehouse, production and system test facilities, as well as offices for R&D, procurement and QA functions.

DDD is committed to providing high-quality products

DS/EN ISO 13485:2016 and EN ISO 13485:2016
The scope of the certificate is:
Design, development, production and servicing of gamma cameras.

DS/EN ISO 13485:2016 and EN ISO 13485:2016
The scope of the certificate is:
Design, development, production and servicing of gamma cameras.

Directive 93/42/EEC – Annex II
The scope of the certificate is:
Design, manufacture and final inspection of gamma cameras in class IIa.

FDA Certificate K140206 May 2014.05.14

FDA Registration Badge