VA SPECT Camera, for general purpose nuclear medicine.

QuantumCam is a general-purpose camera with minimal room size requirement. In fact, no other SPECT system in the market has such a small footprint and still full flexibility in detector positioning, offering versatile use for both whole-body procedures, SPECT, Cardiac SPECT and planar imaging procedures.

With its translating gantry and fixed patient bed, QuantumCam offers a very open, non-claustrophobic, modern & appealing design for improved patient comfort and ease of use.

Compact Novel Design

Clinical Flexibility with Superior Image Quality

• Inviting
• Friendly
• Without tunnel

Flexible: The system offers full flexibility in detector positioning

Easy-to-use: Open gantry design is free of obstructions, enabling easy positioning of ambulatory patients

Reliable: Superior imaging for whole-body, SPECT, cardiac SPECT, and planar imaging procedures

Dynamic: Fixed patient table with translating gantry reduces room size requirement

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QuantumCam™ DDD’s advanced Dual Head Variable Angle with large field-of-view (LFOV) General Purpose Nuclear Medicine Camera

QuantumCam™with removable patient table

• Allows upright imaging
• Ideal for thyroid, renal and body extremities
• Supports seated, gurney and bed imaging

Planar imaging – Full flexibility to position detectors

• Single detector imaging
• Dual detector imaging

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Cardiac SPECT

• Simplified workflow (setup)
• Circular and contoured orbits
• Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation
• Supine and Prone imaging

Whole-body scan with Automatic Body Contour


• Low Energy High Resolution
• Low/Medium/High Energy General Purpose
• Low Energy Ultra High Resolution
• Low/High Energy Pinhole

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