Dedicated single-detector system for nephrology

NephroCam is optimized for seamless radioisotope renography. The camera is designed as a very robust and reliable ”workhorse” camera in a busy nuclear medicine department. NephroCam workflow requires only a minimum of operator interactions.

The large field of view detector will image almost all patients without having to be positioned. In cases where detector positioning is needed, a manual solution is provided on the detector to slide it to the correct position.

NephroCam comes with DDD’s ClearSight acquisition software package. Like NephroCam, ClearSight has been designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind.

single LFOV detector

Seamless radioisotope renography

Cost-effective radioisotope renography solution for your NuclearMedicine Department

Optimized for 99 mTc-DTPA and 99 mTc-labelled MAG3 radiopharmaceuticals.
Ideal for pediatrics, i.e. no overwhelming and claustroforbic gantry.
Improved workflow with a minimum of operator interactions.

Optional “Arm rest” for injections
Optional “Foot pedal” to start acquisition during injection

NephroCam™ with

Single-detector system

Quick and seamless imaging of the kidneys.

Optimized for 99 mTc-DTPA and 99 mTc-labelled MAG3 radiopharmaceuticals. Clear indication of detector size and position.

Room size requirement as small as 2.5×4.0 meters.

Patient-friendly and comfortable.

Also ideal for pediatrics due to not having an overwhelming and claustrophobic gantry.

Connectivity possibilities with existing nuclear medicine workstations.

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